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  • DC SQUID Magnetometer 755R (2G), Induction-Spinner-Magnetometer JR-5 (Agico), Fluxgate-Spinner-Magnetometer MINISPIN (Molspin): measurements of the remanent magnetization
  • 2G600 DEGAUSSER (2G) coupled with the SQUID-Magnetometer: alternating field demagnetization
  • Heater MMTD18 or MMTD60 (Magnetic Measurements): thermal demagnetization
  • 4T Cryogenmagnet (Cryogenic), MMPM9 Pulse-Magnetizer: isothermal remanences
  • Alternating Gradient Force Magnetometer AGFM 2900 (Princeton Measurements Corp.): hysteresis properties
  • Kappabridge KLY-2 and KLY-3 (Agico), MS2-bridge (Bartington): susceptibility
  • CS-2/CS-3(Agico) coupled with KLY-2/KLY-3: temperature dependence of susceptibility

Applied Geophysical Equipment:

Also owned, used and paid by the Working Groups of Hydrogeology and Sedimentary Geology.

  • Seismics: 24-channel SEAMEX (DMT), 12-channel SMARTSEIS (Geometrics) used with different geo- and hydrophones
  • Geoelectrics & Electromagnetics: RESECS ECS 960, SYSCAL R1 (BRGM), 4-PUNKT-LIGHT (Lippmann), APEX MAXMIN I+8
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar: SIR10 (GSSI) including 25-120 MHz bistatical, 100 MHz monostatical and 300 MHz bistatical antennas
  • Borehole Radar: Ramac/GPR including 100/250 MHz borehole antennas
  • Field Magnetics: Susceptibility Instrument MS2/Sensor D, E, F (Bartington), Proton Precession Magnetometer G856 AX (Geometrics)
  • Borehole Geophysics: GEOCOM: FEL/Gamma, SAL/TEMP, Impeller-Flowmeter; MOUNT SOPRIS: Dual-Induction, Slim-Gamma, Heat-Pulse-Flowmeter, Borehole deviation, and different selfmade instruments


  • Trimble differential GPS provided by Allnav Ltd.